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Alkali Termos -alkaline Stone-alkaline Cup- -04stainless-steel-mineral-ORP-stone-filter-stick Alkali 1

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Air alkali ini diminum sperti biasa seperti air minuman fungsinya sifatnya membantu mengurangi /menyembuhkan penyakit namun bukan sebagai pengganti obat .

Cara Bikin: Cukup tuangkan air aqua/air masak ke dalam termos alkaline water, tunggu 10-15menit. Bisa anda tinggal (sambil beractivitas) lalu minum seperti biasa.. ulangi semau anda . Kosong isi lagi lakukan setiap hari sesuai standard anda.


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Deskripsi Produk

alkaline energi falsk keterangan air alkali 1alkaline energi falsk keterangan air alkali 2Termos -alkaline_water_flask_energy_nano_870ml_stainless_steel-dr j silva 4 Termos -alkaline_water_flask_energy_nano_870ml_stainless_steel-dr j silva 32a  Termos -alkaline_water_flask_energy_nano_870ml_stainless_steel-dr j silva 28

Terobosan baru cara bikin air alkali berfungsi menyeimbangkan PH air dalam tubuh dari Asam ke basa. Cara membikin air alkali sendi pakai Termos alkali dua  filter, termos alkali double filter .Sumber penyakit dalam tubuh dikarenakan tingkat asam dalam tubuhyang tinggi
Tanda2 peneyebab asam tubuh :
-Kurang olahraga, Kena polusi air/udara, Obata-obatn, stress fisik dan mental, makanan mengandung lemak jenuh/tinggi, bekerja melampui batas dll

Tanda tubuh kelebihan asam:
-Gampang lelah
-Bau kurang sedap
-Nyeri otot
-Masalah kulit
-Sering sakit di lambung

Alkaline Cup Nano Energy Cup Alkaline Water Ionizer Alkaline Flask Energy Cup Water bottle

1. Alkaline water: Make the drinking water to be alkaline, neutralize human bodies, acidic substances and keep balance of the body system.

2. Negative potential water: Normal water will be adjusted to negative potential water with an ORP below -200mV in about 5 minutes. It is a strong anti- oxidant which removes free radicals, enhance immunity and keep us from aging.

3. Add beneficial microelements: Various natural mineral substances are set out which provide body with necessary microelements and improve body organs to grow healthy.

4. Energized water with small molecular group: With strong osmosis, diffusibility and oxygen-affinity, nutrients and more oxygen brought by energized water are easily absorbed into our body cells, and easily take the waste and toxins away from our body cells. It will greatly improve our metabolism .


Eliminate excrescent free radical;detoxicate alcohol & tobacco; improve nutrient absorption,metabolism & immunity. If you drink it for long term, it can resist oxidation, delay senility, prevent and dissolve kinds of calculus in your body, eliminate dysporia, cure high blood pressure and gastritis. The nanometer activated water is healthy water, it can increase physiological behaviors, build up your health, and improve the quality of your life.
Termos -alkaline_water_flask_energy_nano_870ml_stainless_steel-dr j silva 26Termos -alkaline_water_flask_energy_nano_870ml_stainless_steel-dr j silva 27 tokopedia-jossmart
Function Characteristics:
1.Improve nutrient absorption, metaboli & immunity.
3.Change ordinary purified water into nanometer activated water, which is rich in mineral element,such as Ca,Ma,K and Na.
4.Resist oxidation, delay senility & be favorable for human being’s health.
5.The negative potential can eliminate excrescent free radical.
6.Detoxicate alcohol & tobacco.
7.Strong solubility, long- term’s drinking can prevent renal calculus.
8.Neutralize the acidic toxin in the bowels, eliminate the dysporia.
9.Cure acidosis, rectify acidic constitution.
10.Neutralize excrescent gastric acid, protect against gastritis.

*Benefits & Functions for Different Age Groups

1.The Aged: Alleviate suffering and enhance stimulative rehabilitation.

2.The Women: Eliminate toxin, beautify skin, delay ageing and balance oil secretion.

3.The men: alleviate fatigue, develop resilience, eliminate the poisonous effects of smoking, drinking and drugging, and protect the liver and lung.

4.The kids: boost the alkalization of cerebral cortex of Children, improve intelligence, and the mineral ions contained could enhance the build-up of the bones.

Packing List:
Termos -alkaline_water_flask_energy_nano_870ml_stainless_steel-dr j silva 101 * Alkaline Water Cup ( 2) filter
1 * Color box
1 * Manual book

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