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Alat Pijat Kepala-bokoma-head Masager-jossmart  6

WA+ 08128373564 Harga Jual Pijat Kepala Bokoma Head Massager Asli Buatan Luar Negri



Nyut-nyutan, sakit kepala, stress, pening etc referensi :pakai BOKOMA segera
Produk Ini sudah melanglang benua ke semua negara di eropa, amerika, afrika, australia , Indoonseia, asia tenggara dll

Order : 0812 8373564 (HP/BB/SMS/WA) eceran , partai grosiran bisa…

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Deskripsi Produk

alat pijat kepala-bokoma-head masager-jossmart 3  alat pijat kepala-bokoma-head masager-jossmart 6

TRENDY Head Massager yang akan membantu menghilangkan rasa sakit kepala anda, stress dan peredaran darah yang kurang lancar di daerah kepala yang bisa menyebabkan rasa sakit di daerah kepala kita,
Dengan titik pijatan yang tepat, Handy Head Massanger dapat membantu mengurangi masalah anda. Dengan sentuhan titik syaraf yang meringankan rasa pegal dan sekitar leher dan kepala akan terasa lebih nyaman, dan rasakan relaksasinya.
Bisa dipakai oleh segala usia , remaja ,dewas, orang lanjut usia dll.
Dimanapun anda suka: dirumah, tempat usaha/kerja, saat rekerasi, nonton, istirahat dll

Packing : Dus
Keadaan : Baru
Lengkap : 1 pc/karton

Bokoma Head Massager Stress relief headache cure ache Massage Scalp Therapy

Features:Brand New and High Quality.

alat pijat kepala-bokoma-head masager-jossmart 1 Stainless steel scalp handy head massager

S/S , AL material

  • Massager for head and joints (elbow, shoulder, knee, ankle)
  • Increases blood circulation
  • Relaxes stressed muscles
  • Helps relieve aches and pains
  • Release your nervousness and tiredness and create relaxation
  • Simple and safety operation
  • Each leg can be gently bended in a semicircle shape
  • Including control handle, 12 stainless legs with special tips
  • For a happy and healthy life
  • Stimulates blood circulation of scalp and joints.
  • Eliminates tension and pressure.
  • Eases aches and pains.
  • Relaxes stressed muscles.
  • Helpful for hair growth and brain relaxation.
  • Light weight manual massager, ideal for health care.
  • Easy to operate
  • Suitable for home, travel and office use.


 alat pijat kepala-bokoma-head masager-jossmart 2  Instantly reduces tiredness, Gentle massage on the head makes the different length resin tipped wires stimulate the scalp by passing over the upper, Medial and lower areas of the scalp and gives you unbelievable relief. Puts smile on your face in no time.

BOKOMA Head and Scalp Massager Manual Massager Different length resin tipped wires touch the upper, medial and lower areas of the scalp at once. gives instant relief Stainless steel wires are strong yet flexible to fit you scalp long lasting product.

The massage tips are made of solid synthetic resin which bonds exceptionally well to the stainless steel wire and is very smooth textured. Easy to use this lightweight scalp massager titillates nerve endings in the scalp as you hold the handle above your head and allow the smooth resin tips of the multi-length wire fingers to delicately pass over your scalp.

The relaxing and tingling effect transcends from the head to lower limbs and extremities creating a holistic sensation. No batteries are required – this is a manual massager.

Function :
alat pijat kepala-bokoma-head masager-jossmart 5  Adevices that used to gently massage the head can accelerete blod circulation.
Relax the muscles and relieve the headache

-Easy to busy
-Easy to carry
-Safe and practical


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