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Jual Vacuu Mcleaner Car Accesories-2

WA+ 08128373564 Jual Alat Portable Vacuum Cleaner Car Accessories 12volt



JUAL PENYEDOT DEBU KHUSUS UNTUK MOBILE..harga cukup terjangkau hasil memukau


Deskripsi Produk

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  • Easy & convenient in use.
  • Compatible with car lighter socket.
  • Handy and lightweight.
  • 9 ft power cord.
  • Compact & Portable Vacuum Cleaner With LED Light.
  • Bag less cleaner to empty easily & occupies a tiny place.
  • Vacuum cleaner should be used in short intervals to avoid overheating of the cleaner.
  • Kindly clean the dust container after each use to avoid choking.
  • Vacuum Cleaner can only be used to clean light dust.

With work light & On/Off switch, With super suction power, With extra powerful motor

=crevice too & squeegee included!

=Portable compact & linght weight car vacuum cleaner!

=Super suction power & extra powerful motor!

=Plug into car cigarette lighter!

=Extra long power cord easily around vehicle


jual vacuu mcleaner car accesories-3-TO OPERATE :into plug into cigarette lighter socket,ifimmediate contact is not mode, twist the plug aclockwise moton. move nozzle lightly over area to be cleaned

-TO EMPTY: Unscrew two halves of vacuum cleaner and take apartover waste basket. Pull out the dust bag and empty

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