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Alat Pijat Dolphin Mini 7

WA+ 08128373564 Harga Jual Alat Pijat Dolphin Mini Small Dolphin Massanger Asli



Alat pijat mini dolphin bisa anda pakai untuk merelaksasi  tubh bagian manapun dengan santai. Bisa dipakai diman saj dan kapan saja oleh pria wanita   ordernya : 0812 8373564


Deskripsi Produk


Aat pijat dolphin mini ini bisa anda anda pakai dimana saja baik dirumah, tempat kerja, saat santai , travel  dan sebagainya. bentuk yang imuut serta ramping bisa masuk ke tas kerja anda.  Cara menggunakan cukup dengan 2 baterai AA, sebagai energy untuk si dolphin. Saat ini stock ready, silakan diorder.

Main features:
alat pijat dolphin mini 2 1. With ergonomically designed hammer vibration massage, human massage each part of head, shoulders, back, arm, waist, hips, thighs, legs, feet.
2. Has been carefully improved massage head, can be equipped with U-convex round head massage, massage can only break the traditional functions of hammering, an increase of acupressure and palm pressure massage.
3. After Master specially designed massage hammer, massage can play a concentrated effect, providing easy and effective massage, and can hit the buffer capacity, performance, high noise and no noise.
4. Ergonomic design, curve-style non-slip grip, easy to massage any part of the body, streamlined shape of dolphins design, the use of more agile lightweight, easy to easy to get, easy to operate.
5. Looks lovely, lightweight, easy collection.


alat pijat dolphin mini 8Reduces and erases sun damage
-Reduces pore size
-Reduces and erases fine lines and wrinkles.
-Reduces and erases age spots and skin discoloration
-Firms skin and muscle tone to reduce sagging
-Enchances new cellular rejuvenation

-For all skin types
-Can be Useed alone or with any other skin care system
– A Safe and effective alternative to chemical and laser peels
-Leisure the light skin automatic touxhing swich if has the best effect forhousw and office use
-Receive tirrdd of the body
-Massage the acupuncture poin of feet promote the blood circle
-Slack the tight skin

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